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Sheldon Breiner, Ph.D.

A distinguished entrepreneur, inventor, and geophysicist, Sheldon Breiner specializes in exploration, scientific, and cultural research to uncover hidden objects, historical places, and other mysteries noninvasively, most commonly using technology applying of the principals of magnetics and measurements with high-sensitivity magnetometers.

Dr. Breiner is a pioneer in the unconventional use of magnetometers and has been challenged to use this technology to accomplish everything from earthquake prediction to developing what is now the world standard for security at airports. Some of his most significant discoveries include over one hundred monuments buried in the Mexican jungle such as ten-ton carved heads from the Olmec civilization. Sunken US submarines, Vietnam tunnels, Etruscan tombs in Italy, the largest uranium and diamond deposits in the world, and the axle from the first Ferris wheel buried under a street in St. Louis are just a few of his multifarious discoveries. His current work involves analyzing the dramatic manifestations of biological magnets in an organelle (magnetosomes). This has resulted in possible explanations for three widely different mysteries: a hypothesis for the mass extinction on Earth 550 million years ago; a source of magnetic signals over oil fields; and a possible breakthrough in explaining, and consequently preventing, Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition to his extensive field work, Breiner is also an accomplished author and lecturer. His published topics range from entrepreneurial tactics to several hundred technical papers and the industry-standard reference on the use of magnetometers for geophysics, military, and archeological purposes.

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