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G. Chris Fischer

Chris Fischer, the founder of OCEARCH, has led twenty global expeditions in the past seven years dedicated to the advancement of science, education, public safety, and public policy in protecting the world’s marine resources, most specifically, Great Whites and other sharks. From 2002-2009, Fischer was the host of two-time Emmy Award winning “Offshore Adventures,” a television series that delved into aspects of ocean-life.  Conservation and sustainable fisheries management were the show’s foundation, echoed by Fischer’s send-off, “Go out! Discover the world’s oceans and be a responsible steward of the sea.”

As a leading spokesman for responsible fisheries management, in 2005, Mr. Fischer joined the board of The Billfish Foundation. Working cooperatively with TBF and other scientific organizations, he has led researchers on various scientific missions, primarily to tag and study billfish and great white sharks. Fischer and his team pioneered the method for capturing and releasing mature white sharks and other large marine species on a custom research platform aboard the OCEARCH, a one-of-kind research vessel powered by two Cat marine propulsion engines and three auxiliary generators. The team’s fieldwork involves attracting, catching, tagging, and bio-sampling sharks and subsequently releasing them. The sharks are then monitored and unprecedented data is collected helping researchers to identify breeding areas, feeding areas, migratory corridors, and birthing sites.

As a dedicated advocate for conservation, Mr. Fischer also spends copious amounts of time lecturing and raising awareness for the safety of marine life. In collaboration with his company Fischer Productions, documentaries, vignettes, and television series projects have been produced to promote adventure-based conservation programming.

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