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Edward P. Roski, Jr.

Ed Roski is an avid cyclist, mountain climber, and accomplished wilderness diver who has dedicated his civic efforts to promoting education. He has led and supported such diverse academic and professional institutions as the University of Southern California, National Geographic, and the Bowers Museum, where he has underwritten and participated in over a dozen expeditions to Melanesia. These expeditions systematically studied and collected many of the masterworks now housed in the permanent Spirits and Headhunters exhibition at the Bowers Museum. Mr. Roski also cofounded the Land of the Free Foundation which serves families of US war veterans.

Outside his civic and professional endeavors, Mr. Roski’s great love is travel. His expeditions transcend various disciplines of exploration having climbed to Base Camp at Mt. Everest, K2, and Mt. Kilimanjaro, biking across Mongolia, Russia, and Burma, and completing several deep water dives throughout New Guinea. Continuing his ocean exploration, he descended in a Russian submersible to the wreck of the Titanic, 2.5 miles beneath the ocean’s surface.

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Background image photography courtesy of members Christoph Baumer, Neil Laughton, Matt Harris and Don Walsh's image of the Bathyscape Trieste