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David G. Gallo, Ph.D.

A true pioneer at the forefront of ocean exploration, David Gallo, Director of Special Projects at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, is one of the first oceanographers to use both human occupied submersibles and robots to map the ocean world on diverse expeditions. Dr. Gallo’s range of field work includes projects involving deep-diving submersibles, remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles, deep-towed cameras, deep-towed sonar, shallow-towed sonar, and hull-mounted bathymetric systems.

Dr. Gallo recently co-led an effort to develop the first comprehensive map of RMS Titanic and co-led the successful international effort to locate the remains of Air France flight 447 in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil. Additionally, Dr. Gallo remains active in planning a deep-sea expeditions and encouraging the development of new technologies for ocean exploration. He is a member of James Cameron’s Deep Ocean Task Force and the XPrize Ocean Advisory Board.

Committed to conveying the excitement and importance of ocean exploration to the public, Dr. Gallo lectures internationally and is a frequent contributor on televised news programs. His presentation at the 2006 TED conference is one of the site’s most watched videos. In recognition of his role in exploration and communications, Dr. Gallo is the co-recipient of a Computerworld-Smithsonian Award is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Advocating that oceans hold clues to the past and the key to the future, Dr. Gallo strives to unlock these mysteries through exploration, education, and conservation.

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